All our ingredients are plant-based and

contain no animal components.


All our products are made with love by hand in small batches.

We are certified through The Leaping Bunny Program.

We are certified thru Beauty Without Bunny Program for Vegan and Cruelty-Free.

We use therapeutic essential oils or phthalate free fragrances in all our detergent free Soaps.  

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Handcrafted Detergent Free Glycerin Soaps

Glycerin soap is gentler on skin than most soaps, making it a good choice for people with dry or sensitive skin. Glycerin soap also helps the skin retain its natural moisture. Glycerin also helps moisturize the skin by attracting water from the air.

Salt and Sugar Scrubs

*Exfoliating the skin leaves glowing soft skin behind.  
*Sugar granules are smaller than sea salt granules and dissolve faster too.
*Sugar scrubs are for great choice for sensitive, delicate skin.
*Salt scrubs are great for rough dry areas like your elbows, knees, and heels.
*A salt scrub can help remove these tough spots easier than sugar scrubs.
*Sea Salt has inflammatory properties and mineral compounds that are good for you.
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